Listing Optimization

Compelling text elevates your brand and increases conversions. With in-depth product and market research our copywriters get inside the mind of your customer to create content that sells.

Using the best keyword targeting techniques and sales inducing language we ensure your new listing resonates with customers and improves sales.

Invest in your excellence. Get a product listing that presents you as the #1!

What we will do for you?

Feedback Hut experts will create the perfect listing which will improve conversion rates, increase sales and drive better levels of customer satisfaction.

Extensive Keyword Research

Use of best-in-the-market tools and research methods to identify the top converting, most profitable and high volume keywords keeping in mind relevancy to your customer’s search patterns.

Optimize Backend Search Terms

We provide a detailed list of backend search terms, consisting of all the best long tail and single keywords to enhance your product’s discoverability and ranking.

Customer Friendly Product Title

Title is the first and most crucial piece of information potential customers will interact with. We will create a powerful and keyword rich title, indexed by Amazon’s A9 algorithm that highlights all of your product important details.

Compelling Bullet Points and Description

Appealing bullet points and description that efficiently points out your product’s exclusive key features while also guiding your potential customers exactly why they should buy your product.

Thorough Competitor Research

Keeping an eye on what is the current trend in the market by in-depth analysis of your competitors and similar products to know what exactly buyers need, like and are searching for.


We carry out extensive product research to create an accurate yet informative and accurate listing while presenting your brand in the best possible way to build a loyal customer base and increase goodwill.


Our listing specialists work closely with our professional photographers to provide you with an in-depth explanation of successful Amazon product photography practices based on your competitors and product market. You do not need current Amazon photos to benefit from this service.

What you will get:

● Keyword rich content specific to your product and target audience

● Customer friendly title which grabs attention

● Bullet points which emphasise the key selling points of your product

● Description text to ‘close the deal’

● All the main keywords to give your listing the best chance to index correctly

● Additional recommended backend keywords

Compelling Content Creation and Submission
● Comprehensive creative briefing to gather key information about your product and target audience

● Dedicated team of content writing professionals to leverage and highlight the benefits and unique features of your product

● Optimised content written by experts which is specific to your brand and your product and the niche

● Execute, manage and follow up on all aspects relating to the listing submission process

International listing optimization

Would you like to expand internationally? When it comes to keyword ranking, our global team of native speakers are simply the best. Capture colloquial terms, slang, and common abbreviations to increase visibility and boost your sales.

We offer different pricing plans to fully meet your needs.


Pick a plan that meets your needs.

What is the process

Once you sign up, we will send you a Product Information Form to complete. It is important that you provide as much information as possible about your product.

You do not need to send us your product nor does manufacturing need to be fully completed. You just need to know your details.

After we receive this information your listing is assigned to one of our expert listing specialists who will reach out if they have additional questions.

Listing optimizations are delivered via email on your selected delivery date and include everything that is stated in the price package you have chosen.

Please note clients must copy and paste the provided content into their own Seller Central account and upload it.


Take a look at the answers to some of the questions our customers ask us most often.
How will a good listing influence my ranking?
Strategic keyword placement is key to a high performing listing. Our copywriters carefully position each keyword to optimize indexing and support ranking in organic searches. Expertly crafted copy and sales-inducing language converts browsing visitors into buyers.
Do I need to buy a separate package for each variation?
Variations are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the nature of the variation and how many exist, you may only need one package. Please contact us at for variation-related questions.
Do you optimize the listing on other marketplaces such as UK and EU too?
Yes we do. We have our native experts who will capture colloquial terms, slang, and common abbreviations to increase visibility and boost your sales.
Why is it so crucial that a listing is written by an expert?
A great converting listing is much more than just writing about the product. It is about achieving that perfect balance of the right keywords targeting both Amazon SEO and customer oriented language that informs and converts Amazon shoppers. Amazon and other platforms are ultra-competitive and our personal experience is that regular copy does not work efficiently anymore. The skill of our experts saves you time and delivers you an industry-leading product listing which is necessary for getting ahead of the competition.
Do you write listings for Walmart, eBay and other e-commerce platforms?
Yes we do. It doesn't matter on which platform you sell, your copy content is always “a king”.
Our experts know what are the requirements on different platforms so we strictly follow them to make sure that your listing is fully optimized and converts.
Please note our copywriters need time to research your product and skillfully craft each listing. Following the submission of the Product Information Form our delivery date is 5 - 7 business days.
Is my data secure?
We sign a non-disclosure agreement to offer complete assurance about the security of your crucial data assets that you hand over to us.


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